Gay Tours Sri Lanka  is a unique travel company specialising in gay travel to Sri Lanka.


We give you a gay-friendly vacation in  Sri Lanka.


want a fabulous beach holiday at a tropical, palm-fringed, gay-friendly resort or a calm stay at a gay friendly sri lankan hotel?

Want to join with an international gay group and explore the wonders of this exotic island? Want to have your own personalised and customised experience, mixing historic sights, amazing scenery, beautiful beaches and unlimited shopping, in a very gay-friendly country?


Then please Contact our very friendly all-gay staff for further information, they have the best gay scene information in sri lanka.

Is sri lanka gay friendly?

Sri lanka is a small country with a meager gay population struggling for their rights. There are many bodies that are fighting for gay rights but all of it is at a very small scale. Ideally there are anti-gay laws and "culturally" homosexuality is considered a sin. But that's all just on papers. With us, you can experience the best gay friendly vacation on the beaches of Sri Lanka & stay in the best gay friendly hotels, we provide the best gay or gay friendly guides & drivers. No one will bat an eye on you sharing a same room and even a single king sized bed.

what is the special feature of gay travel?

LGBT tourism or gay tourism to us means that our guests feel like kings and spend their holidays with great pleasure without being concerned about the laws of the destination country on homosexuality.We take care that our guests do not have to face any awkward situation where, without us, they might be humiliated by the hotel or the driver or guide.We give all the gay insight information like any underground gay party happening in the city the guests are in or the best gay spas, gay sauna, gay bar or places where guys can find other local gay men for socializing.

Our experience

Gay tours Sri Lanka is an exclusive gay travel company, and a part of Pink Vibgyor, gay tour operators providing unique travel packages and special customized tours to Sri Lanka. We are one of the best gay travel companies that has been offering endless service to gay travelers from all around the world. Plan your all inclusive vacation with us to the beautiful, tropical, palm-fringed country for a relaxing and an enjoyable holiday. Single, couple, group or individual, our tours are open to every traveler.