Geoffrey Bawa

Geoffrey Bawa

Geoffrey Bawa was a Sri Lankan architect. He is the most renowned architect in Sri Lanka and was among the most influential Asian architects of his generation. He is the principal force behind what is today known globally as "tropical modernism”

He was educated at Royal College Colombo after which he studied English and Law,1938, at St Catharine's College, Cambridge gaining a BA and went on to study law at Middle Temple, London becoming a Barrister in 1944. He worked for a Colombo law firm. In 1948 Bawa bought an abandoned rubber estate on the south-west coast of the island between Colombo and Galle at Lunuganga, In 1952 Bawa still aspired to a career in architecture, so he returned to England, after spending a year at Cambridge, he enrolled as a student at the Architectural Association in London. In 1957, at the age of 38 he returned to Sri Lanka qualified as an architect. In 1959, Danish architect Ulrik Plesner joined the firm, and the two designed many buildings together in their distinct style, sometimes called "tropical modernism."

Geoffrey and his brother Bevis were part of a milieu of sophisticated homosexuals who were drawn to the idea of Ceylon as a place of beauty, sensuality and escape. the impetus for much of their work was the desire to create private arcadias within it

Geoffrey Bawa's  work range mainly in Sri Lanka, however he has worked in several other countries as well: nine times in India, three times in Indonesia, twice in Mauritius and once in Japan, Pakistan, Fiji, Egypt and Singapore. His works include houses, hotels, schools, clubs, offices and government buildings

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